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Device to Device interface

UDP Broadcast

Some testo devices and apps send a UDP broadcast to the local network which can be received by listening to UDP packets on port 53955. This broadcast contains information which can be used to connect to the HTTP interface.

# Receive the broadcast using netcat
$ nc -ul 53955
{"DeviceId":"300","DeviceName":"testo 300","FirmwareVersion":"1.09.5212","HttpServerIPv4":"","HttpServerIPv6":"","HttpServerPort":"55000","Serial":"61349163","SerialNumber":"61349163"}


Please be aware that the port in this message can usually be ignored and port 54000 should be used for HTTP connections!

HTTP interface

We provide Insomnia Collections and HAR (compatible with e.g. Postman) Collections for every testo product, which can be used to test and learn about the interfaces.

Product Insomnia HAR
testo 300 Get Collection Get Collection
testo Smart / testo 400 Not yet available Not yet available